The purpose of Initiative for
Trade and Development .. to establish a qualified, progressive and penetrating voice that can contribute to turning trade policy into a direction that is more loyal to the poor in developing countries and environmentally and climatically sustainable.

This is to be achieved by gathering relevant, serious and current information and distribute it in a way that qualifies progressive actors and puts pressure on others – and which can be used for engaging information work in the formal education system and outside of it.

IHU operates mainly in Denmark but in the nature of things its aim is international and IHU wishes to interact with like-minded people abroad.

IHU is basically for free trade and not ”anti-globalist”, but is part of the broad movement to formulate requirements and norms for international trade.

IHU shall concern itself with commercial policy issues which are of importance to recognized goals with regard to development, environment and climate policy. This is to come about in interaction with persons, organisations, corporations, media and authorities who can and will make a positive difference.


If you have any questions or comments feel free to contact chair Marie Louise Schaumburg-Müller ml.schaumburgmuller (at)